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There's something there and I can't find it anywhere here. Or there. But I have to go there to know for sure. I just don't know where there is. But, I'm positive that if I could just go look for it, I could find it. Somewhere. And I know you just want to tell me that it can be here too. But you're wrong. You might be there. But you're definitely not here, so you wouldn't know that it's most definitely not here. I think you might be there and not even know it. I have a couple ideas of where there is and I want to find out. It seems like there is there. But if there isn't there, then it must be first there. And if it is? Then I'm an absolutely moron and I'm coming there right now.

Yeah, anyway...

So there are these gargantuan water droplets dripping onto my balcony from the base of the balcony above mine. And when they hit the ledge, they make this big splash and for like a second, the power lines in the background get magnified about 10x. And since the splash is so large, the range is like 3'x3'. So there's little 3'x3' 10x magnification boxes of power lines appearing and disappearing on the ledge of my balcony as we speak (as I type). Kind of cool, I guess.
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