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 Sooo, it's 4:15 in the AM. So, I figure hey, I think it's time to make some whipped cream.
It's like sortttt of done. The bowl, beater, and semi-finished whipped cream are now in the fridge. I'd like to say it's because the cream as well as all instruments used to make it whipped cream are supposed to be really cold. But I'd be lying. Well, they are supposed to be. And that's my excuse. But in reality, my arm just doesn't have the stamina to whip cream until stiff peaks are formed. Is that pathetic? That might be pathetic. Little old ladies everywhere miraculously form solid whipped cream out of liquid cream everyyyyday (well maybe not everyyyy day.. that would be a little excessive and I can't imagine what little old ladies would need all that whipped cream for... or anyone for that matter) and yet, I cannot finish a session of peak-forming without a break. 
I know I said I would be in bed by 4 at the latest.. but I had the whipped cream thing & I just couldn't make it. But it will definitely be no later than 5. For sure. For sure, sure. Seriously. Especially cause I think my mother is growing suspicious of my nocturnal behavior. I mean, it was different when I was nocturnal at home.. at least she knew it was just cause I was a weird little child. But now, 400+km away from home, I'm not surprised that she assumes the worst (i.e. participating in illicit night activities). It's okay mom, I'm still doing nerdy shit at all hours of the night. Nottttt to worry, I'll always be your weird little child.
Okay, break is over. Time to get back to my semi-whipped cream. If I should perish in my attempt, someone please come rescue my child. His food is under the counter opposite the sink and he must be fed by hand. Thanks. Wish me luck.
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