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confessions; part five

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 I hate sunsets

I keep little mementos of bad memories

I hate pineapples

But I like hawaiian pizza if I pick off the pineapples

I'd be fine with being legitimately nocturnal

I have an irrational fear of buffets

I'm not sure if I still want the same thing I used to

I'm a little scared of oranges

I don't think I'm ever going to paint again

I have people who are dead still in my phone

And I've gotten a new phone since

I think I'm a terrible mother

I'm glad I have a solid reason/excuse not to talk to you anymore

I enjoy sharing secrets with absolute strangers I'll never see again

I don't know if technology has done me more bad or more good

The time of the day I like best is right before the sun rises

I have no idea what's going to happen

It feels kind of refreshing to not know what's going to happen

I've never been unhappy with my hair before today
pleased pleased
the fridge turn off & on & off & on & off & on...
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