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All of these goddamn cards and little notes and messages. They keep showing up. Of course I go right ahead and read them as they emerge. And I'm a fucking moth. And these pieces of you I keep finding are massive, hot lightbulbs lighting up the porch in August. And I'm the stupid dead moth, burned to a crisp. Because I just wanted to be near the fucking light just a little bit longer.
You know when you do something just to see if you can handle it? I thought that's what I was doing. But maybe I'm just a masochist because the truth is that I know I can't, but I can't stop.

I actually hate how many gross dead moths there always are around porch lights. Poor things though..
I cleaned my room tonight. Anyone that knows me will know that that is a serious accomplishment. I'd bow but I'm exhausted.
I'd really like to keep it like this. We'll see how long it lasts. I think some extra storage is what I need. Ikea<3

Okay time to count some sheep. Ew, actually that always horrified me as a child. I don't know why. I always just thought it was very depressing. Like, where are those sheep going? And where did they come from? And that's all they'll ever do is jump over a little wooden fence? Do sheep even really jump like that? Shouldn't those be horses? Sheep are fucking weird. No one else finds it creepy that theres just an endless stream of sheep coming from no where and disappearing suddenly? Also, I always pictured the sky in the background some ominous colour. Like overcast. I hate when it's overcast. Give me thunderstorms or give me sunshine. Anything between just makes me frustrated, confused and uncomfortable.

Bedtime. Goodnighttttttttttt

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